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historyWith the dedication and passion of Inverse Paradox behind your business, you can’t lose.

Inverse Paradox is a web & graphic design agency based in Penndel, PA just outside of N.E. Philadelphia and convenient to New Jersey and New York.

The first question you’re probably asking yourself is, “What’s an Inverse Paradox?” Back in the day, a good friend of owner Neil Harner coined the phrase and it just kind of stuck. The way Neil and his buddy interpreted the phrase was that at the root of a Paradox was something that existed in nature, but couldn’t be explained or rather shouldn’t exist. Therefore, to inverse it would be to say, “This is obvious.” This has been the route of Inverse Paradox’s approach to business and its methodologies. Inverse Paradox is motivated by a common-sense approach to design, putting ease-of-use at the forefront of every project.

A History Lesson

Neil began his career as a freelance designer in the early 2000s and Inverse Paradox was always the name and identity he worked under. In 2006, his longtime collaborator and close friend, Melissa Levenduski, approached him about the idea of creating a larger agency. This had been a goal of Neil’s since the beginning of his career, so the two began working on projects exclusively with one another. Neil’s role was to work with clients and construct websites while Melissa headed up the creative responsibilities.

By 2007, it became apparent that they were creating a strong foundation for the larger company they sought to create. They hired their first team member, Amanda Mitchell, to take over the web development responsibilities at the company, freeing up Neil’s time to focus on the company’s growth. Amanda introduced more advanced development services to the company by allowing IP to offer content management systems such as Joomla and WordPress as a feature to every website.

Throughout the course of the following few years, Inverse Paradox continued to establish itself from their Feasterville office and became an active business throughout the community including membership in local networking groups and chambers of commerce. They also put a great deal of attention in developing partnerships with local marketing, IT, and SEO agencies.

In 2012, the company hired its twelfth full-time employee and undertook the huge project of moving the company from Feasterville to the new location in Penndel, PA. The new location is a renovation of an old bank which had been dormant for over five years.  The goal was to create a space more conducive to creative interaction among the team, while at the same time being a permanent location for future growth.

IP Today

Inverse Paradox is a talented team of twelve people with a wide range of talents all dedicated to the goal of providing quality solutions to small and medium businesses throughout the region. Since its creation, Inverse Paradox has worked with over 600 unique clients ranging from the small mom-and-pop business up to enterprise leaders in the pharmaceutical industry. No client is too big or too small for Inverse Paradox. With the dedication and passion of Philadelphia web design company Inverse Paradox and its collaborators behind your business, you can’t lose. Inverse Paradox provides high quality, robust, and most importantly, fairly-priced solutions for all of your business’s design, Internet, and marketing needs.

A Little History

  • 2002-2006 Early Years

    Neil created Inverse Paradox as a freelance identity. Early in his career, he worked with many local small businesses and non-profits. In 2003, Neil met Melissa at Philadelphia University and they quickly became good friends. In 2006, Melissa approached Neil about starting an agency following her graduation. This began their early collaboration on projects.

  • 2007 A Formal LLC

    In the February leading up to Melissa’s graduation, IP gets registered as an LLC establishing the company. When Melissa graduated, Neil left his position at a pharmaceutical software company so that they could work together full time. Neil’s parents generously gave them space in their home to get started in. Within 90-days of operating full time, they hired their first full time web developer, Amanda Mitchell.

  • 2008 Leaving the Nest

    By January 2008, Inverse Paradox moved to it’s first 450 sq. ft. office space located in Feasterville, PA. The company quickly expanded over the following few years with new team members and established itself in the local community as a dependable creative agency.

  • 2009-2010 100 Websites

    Throughout the following few years, IP experienced significant growth and reached a milestone of 100 websites. Services expanded from general graphic and web design to have more focus on internet marketing services, e-commerce, and sophisticated CMS applications.

  • 2011 Out Growing

    In 2011, the office expanded to take over the entire building at it’s Feasterville location made up of an upstairs and downstairs. Although the growth was wonderful, it became quickly apparent that the company would need to soon seek out a new location.

  • 2012 The Big Move

    In the summer of 2012, Inverse Paradox found its new and hopefully permanent home located in Penndel, PA. The company rehabilitated an old bank into a new office space preserving many of the existing elements such as the drive-thru and vault. Everyone in the company assisted with the project from painting to moving-day.

  • 2013 Here to Stay

    2013 started as a great year. The company has put more emphasis into e-commerce and mobile website development which has become equally strong service offerings to other web and graphic design solutions. The company looks forward to further growth throughout the year.

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