The Importance of Branding

by on November 4, 2008

Many of the businesses we’ve worked with tend to lack in the branding aspect of their companies. Whether it’s a logo typeset in times new roman, a company name that doesn’t fit with what they have to offer, or an inconsistency in advertising, the look and feel of these companies and brands get lost or forgotten.

The whole idea behind establishing a unique brand is to set the stage for customers or clients. First impressions are a big part of customer decision making in our society, and looking good can help make the sale.  A business’ brand helps people remember who they are, what they have to offer, and can dive deeper into how the business operates and handles their clients.

A brand may be modern, traditional, bold, or simple, which can in turn determine the style of how that business operates. For instance, a modern brand in the healthcare industry shows that they have something new to offer, or that they are taking a different approach on traditional ways of handling health.  If a patient isn’t looking for a new approach on healthcare, they may decide on a company that has a more conservative look and feel, with the typical waiting room, medical staff, and medical testing one would expect in such an establishment.

Which brings me to my next point: branding isn’t all about your logo, business card, and website. Bringing brands together today is about employee appearance, professionalism, the way phones are answered, the way the office, store or shop looks (inside and out) and the way communication between business and clients works. Anything a person remembers about your company ultimately becomes a part of your brand- good or bad- whether you like it or not.

I try to get as involved with my clients as possible when going over their brands. The logo and colors are always the starting point, but I also try to stress that bringing the ideas of the logo into their business’ environment, and bringing it to all types of media will make their brand most successful.

Consistency is top priority. If you’re going to update or redesign your website, you should probably consider a new business card and brochure design to carry the new idea across smoothly. Print and web design are becoming direct influences on each other and are now treated as a whole, rather than separate unrelated projects.

A brand needs to separate itself from its competition. It needs to have a lasting appeal in a person’s mind and its message needs to be simple. Keeping the entire look of a company consistent will help the business be remembered. Combining these strategies with a design that’s clean, easy to navigate, and informative will keep that brand above the rest.

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