Brandi Evolved!

by on April 20, 2009

Okay! Here is my story. I started as an intern here at Inverse Paradox in mid September 2008. I was in my last quarter of college and I was just getting my hands wet in the professional design field. I always have had an eye for design but it was nowhere near perfect. For example, when I first started all I knew was what I was being taught in school, so overall, most of my designs came out looking almost the same. It took a while for me to break out of that design bubble I was stuck in, but after a few weeks of interning at Inverse Paradox, I warmed up and began to insert my own creativity into my designs.

The first project I was assigned here to do on my own from scratch was a brochure. I was told it was a brochure for Holistic Healing, to use pictures of fruits and veggies and create a design that would flow with the information of the brochure. So, I did and in the end the client was very happy with the design and I also got to show a bit of my illustration skills off in it as well. I would say once I held that first professionally printed brochure in my hands, that I designed, was like a mother holding her newborn for the first time; I felt proud, and accomplished.

I interned until mid December. I graduated college and Inverse Paradox offered me a part-time position. Of course I took it because not only did I love coming for internship, I still had a lot to learn and this was the place I wanted to learn it all. They started designing Bucks Living Magazine which was perfect for me and the company, it kept us all busy. I learned really quick how to design ad’s and got to know our clients even more. Besides making ads for the magazine I was also responsible for some of the photography, which was really exciting for me because that is another hobby of mine. So there I was, fresh out of college and jumping right into opportunities. I was learning something new every single day. I went from a single printed brochure to a whole magazine printed with my work in it. How awesome is that?

In March Neil and Melissa offered me a full-time position. I was stoked. I accepted the offer before it was even offered to me! I love working here. Now I am a full-timer and I am a part of the Inverse Paradox team. I even got our logo tattooed on my buttocks so Neil would be even more proud of me! (Just kidding) but seriously, I would if Neil told me that is what I had to do to stay here. Not that he would ever do that but that just goes to show how much I like it here, and how good of an employee I am!  Even though I am full-time now, I am still learning a lot but I have come a long way from internship to employee. I know I have become a better designer because I look at my old school work, which took me days to create, and I could do it now in a less than a few hours. Progression is the key to succeeding, and they watched me progress and I got a key to the place! (Ha-ha)  Not only am I obviously proud of my horrible puns, I am also proud to be a part of the team here at Inverse Paradox. I went from a “good student” to a young -professional in just a few months thanks to them, and thanks to our awesome clients.  My design skills have advanced noticeably and my mind is now more business oriented than it ever was!

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