A Design is Worth a 1000 Words…

by on November 29, 2010

I came across a really insightful (and well designed) infographic today on Six Revisions, entitled, “What Your Web Design Says About You?” It’s relatable because we have all seen a site where the font is too small to read, too bold to focus on, or the colors were too loud, or even too dull to hold your attention. Maybe your site is even “that guy.” This post reaffirms that as much as the content and words of your website are important, how you present them is equally important and can affect the way a person views and interprets your site. Take a look at the post for yourself (http://sixrevisions.com/infographs/webdesign-says-about-you/) and if you think your fonts, colors, and design could use an overhaul, get in touch with us, it’s a well known fact we are actually color combination and font specialists!

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