The New Plus One

by on February 13, 2012

While top rankings on the all-powerful Google is still the most coveted spot on the internet, there is a new tool out there to help you boost your SEO and rankings within this search engine. As an answer to Facebook, Google launched Google Plus (Google+, G+) in June of 2011. Today, Google Plus has surpassed 90 million users. Google Plus essentially provides a free opportunity to boost your SEO, while almost one-upping your competitors who do not utilize (or even know) what Google Plus is.

Still think Facebook is enough for your business? features a four point article by Todd Wasserman on how to enhance your SEO through Google+. While Plus is newer than Facebook and probably hasn’t been explored by many of you, it has become apparent that if you don’t have a Google+ page, your placement for certain keywords may suffer.

So, what does Wasserman suggest you do? Well, first, if you don’t have a G+ profile, create one! It’s free and chances are you’re using Google all of the time anyway, so why not? Once you’re in, jump into as many people’s and/or business’ circles as possible (this will all make sense once you set your profile up). Wasserman then says to use as many keywords as you can organically to boost your profile, and finally, use the +1 feature (the equivalent to a Facebook Like).

While Google+ and its full range of benefits is still a novice in the social media world, there is no denying the power of Google and everything it touches. And, now it is looking like you won’t be able to develop a useful social media strategy for your business without the use of Google+. Have more questions? We can help! Get in touch with us today, join our circle or let us know how your Google Plus experience is helping to shape your business!

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