A Transparent What?!

by on May 17, 2012

Somewhere in California, Apple is waiting to pounce…

Matt found this article on transparent TVs, and it has nothing to do with web design, but quite frankly, the concept is awesome and we wanted to share. We have already envisioned where we would hang a few of these bad boys in the office.

Although Samsung has a similar type of technology (who wouldn’t want to decorate with virtual shades?) applying it to the television is what grabbed our attention. It is mind-blowing to think just a few years ago LCD flat screen TVs were a new concept and now we have-potentially-leaped to something of this scale. It’s almost scary. If this can evolve and get off the ground, it will make one hell of a gift (hint, hint Mom). Who knows, maybe transparent computers will be next?

This is one of the coolest concepts we have seen in a while- have you guys caught wind of anything conceptually interesting lately? It’s only nice to share…

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