How to Make Your 'About Us' Page More Effective

by on July 1, 2014

About Us pages are very important for your website. The visitor wants to get to know you and understand why your business is the best in its field. This is why you have to make your About Us page interesting and engaging. Bonus points for fun effects!

  1. Who are you?

This is the part where you can tell your story. But please: No one wants to read paragraphs of dry, corporate business talk. In this section, you’re supposed to show your business’ personality and passion. You want to engage your audience and create a personal connection. You can do this very easily by adjusting your writing style and incorporating a personal story. And don’t forget, if you aren’t the best with words, you can always hire a copywriter to help you out!


  1. What are your values?

On this page, you have to offer more than just the back story of your business. The user wants to know why you are the right choice for them. What sets you apart from your competitors? What are your company’s values?


  1. Use visual elements!

The audience doesn’t just want to learn more about you, but also your employees. Remember, the key is to create a more personal connection with your visitors. Show off your motivated employees, but refrain from using blurry, low-res images. You can always hire a photographer if you need to.

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