Work Day Essentials #5 – Clare

by on April 25, 2017

When the pace picks up, the basics always have your back. Today we have Clare, one of our Project Managers, sharing her Work Day Essentials — the things that help her stay focused all day long.



Here’s what Clare told us about her items:

Thermal Coffee Mug — Coffee is essential, and this mug keeps my coffee hot all day.

Moleskin Notebook — I love tools like Basecamp and Slack, but sometimes you just need to write it down. I always have my moleskin notebook on hand.

Pen — I am oddly specific about my writing utensil, and this extra fine gel pen is the only one I use.  Black ink exclusively.

Mid-morning Snack — Almonds or snack bar. Around 11:15 a.m., right after my team’s daily standup, I am usually starving so I always have a snack to hold me over till lunch / prevent me from getting hangry.

La Croix — I keep a cold flavored seltzer in our office fridge, and it feels like a nice treat at the end of the day for the drive home.

Thanks for sharing, Clare!

Tune in next week for another peek at our team’s Work Day Essentials.

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