Hannah Ricca

How to Make Your 'About Us' Page More Effective

About Us pages are very important for your website. The visitor wants to get to know you and understand why your business is the best in its field. This is why you have to make your About Us page interesting and engaging. Bonus points for fun effects! Who are you? This is the part where… Read More

Tips & Tricks

That Website is Still Up?!

The other week,  Neil sent out an email to let everyone know that this ancient website is actually still up. Anybody remember this? This absolutely stunning website, which celebrates the relationship of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in this late 90’s classic by Nora Ephron, lets you download screensavers and desktop patterns! After wandering around… Read More

Design & Development

What Makes a Website Successful?

One of the most powerful concepts I’ve learned during my internship at Inverse Paradox is how to create an effective design. Before working here, I approached design in a much different way. Essentially, I would think, “How creative can I be?” After being immersed in an atmosphere with a bunch of talented people, a whole new world… Read More

Design & Development