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Is Designing Above the Fold Dead?

One of the criticisms we hear most from clients when they review their website design for the first time is that something important is not above the fold. This begins the debate of whether or not designing for above the fold is dead. Let’s start at the beginning with ‘what the fold’ is; the fold… Read More

Design & Development Tips & Tricks


Neil and Melissa organized yet another company outing for us: A trip to a Phillies game! The event started off right with a good ol’ fashioned tailgate, and ended with applauding the Phils’ for excellent performance. The Phillies beat the Astros at a final score of 10-3, which added to their winning streak. When Neil… Read More

Around the Office

3-2-1 Dodgeball

Sidewalk chalk, short shorts, sweatbands, and large rubber balls at the same time and place could only mean one thing: dodgeball. Yesterday, Neil and Melissa surprised the company with this good ol’ fashioned backyard matchup. The office was divided into two teams, Average Joe’s and Globo Gym (an appropriate reference to the 2004 comedy film,… Read More

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Happy Batman Day!

Here at Inverse Paradox we always love a theme day! So when we found an article saying that July 23rd was Batman day… We were in! Shawn, Sarah C., Brian, Allison, Neil and even Riley (Sarah W’s puppy) put on their Batman attire for a fun day!

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Keeping Standards & Staying Current

Usually, during the first few months of the year, a ton of news and blog articles about current design trends are published. While design trends are great to look into for inspiration, too many people become fixated on these trends and forget about standards. So, we put together a short list of items that you… Read More

Design & Development Tips & Tricks

Inverse Paradox Swag

Inverse Paradox has new swag! Check out our new awesome t-shirts and hoodies modeled by our development team and Neil— don’t they look stylish?! These fabulous wearables were a fun side-project, created by our extraordinary design crew. Our dinosaur design is printed on gray or red vintage t-shirts and blatantly announces, “Your website is a… Read More

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Inked Magazines' New Website

Inverse Paradox has reached another milestone. Our largest site to date has recently launched. After a quick four months, Inked Magazines brand new website is up and running! This project is a big accomplishment for everyone in our office. When Quadra Media came to us with this project we knew it would be something awesome… Read More

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More on Responsive Design

Philly Tech Week (PTW) is a week-long series of events all about technology progression within Philly. Everyone at Inverse Paradox has been checking out the exciting events PTW has to offer. I decided to attend an event called “Living Responsively: Creating Websites That Work Across Devices,” presented by Jim Keller. His talk was about why… Read More

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What Is Responsive Design?

You might have heard that your website needs responsive design to function effectively in our current mobile-based culture. But what does that really mean? Responsive design is a way to make a single site that works across an array of devices, including desktops, tablets, laptops and smartphones; providing a smooth, visually appealing format for all… Read More

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