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Mobile Video Growth

We all know that the use of mobile devices has been on the climb recently. Everyone now a days either has a smart phone or knows people who have them, but what are they using them for? A majority of people love having easy access to their email while others (people like us) love the… Read More

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Have You Scanned Lately?

If you have even glanced at an advertisement in the last year, flipped through a magazine or walked by your favorite store, then chances are you have seen a QR Code. Maybe you assumed the little square was a misprint, but in fact, it is a window into the  interactive advertising movement. QR (quick response)… Read More

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Even the Pope Likes It!

Still unsure about the massive reach of social media? Well, according to the New York Times, even the Pope has approved of social media networks. That’s right, the Pope has been praising the endless potential that social media encompasses. Although he doesn’t have his own page and warns against the dangers of online friends substituting… Read More

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An IP Online Security PSA

We cannot stress enough the importance of secure passwords. We know, we know, you have heard it a thousand times before. However, an alarming number of businesses as well as individuals still use passwords that are incredibly obvious, simplistic, easily guessed, or even worse, right online for the world to see. We are all guilty… Read More

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“Crappiest” Website Ever?

If you have taken our awesome test for grading your website and failed miserably, you’re not alone. Even Fort Meade’s (home of the National Security Agency, the U.S. Cyber Command and the Navy’s cyberfleet) site needs a complete overhaul. Now, we aren’t going to call you out like Wired Magazine did to them in this… Read More

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Like This!

The top spot of a Google search might be the most coveted spot on the internet. And of course you want your site to rank at the top of Google. We all do. It is the most visited website in the U.S., right? Wrong! For the first time, Facebook has surpassed Google to become the… Read More

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10 Things Every Website Needs

There are many components to a successful website. Here is a list of ten essential components that every website should have. 1. Highly Visible Contact Information You do want your prospective customers to be able to contact you, don’t you? The idea here is to make this as easy for them as possible. Ideally all… Read More

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Designer’s Block: Three steps to break through the wall

It happens to us all. A lot of the time it happens at the moments you need your creativity the most. What do you do when designer’s block corners you? Here are a few brief steps to breaking the wall and getting your creativity back! First, you must relax. Try not to become too frustrated… Read More

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So You Say You Want Results?

Have you ever searched for yourself or your company online and struggled to find your website through all of the clutter that is search engine results? I’m sure you have, we all have. However, do you actually find yourself if you don’t search your company name? If not, then it may be time to incorporate… Read More

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Getting Organized

Everyone in the office can agree that I am the most meticulous, direct, organized person of the group (and possibly in all of Bucks County). I like things in order, on schedule, done right, and perfected… I mean, who doesn’t? Working in the web design industry has given me plenty of experience working with local… Read More

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