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Bobby Harner Account Executive Groundskeeper Process Truster Designated Tall Guy The good-looking bro Account Executive

"Turns out I prefer working in an office over a sauna,
who’d have thunk?"

Finding myself disillusioned with what I thought to be my dream job, sweating over a grill at Ruby Tuesday for 12 hours at a time, I decided to take Neil up on his offer of a summer internship at Inverse. Turns out, I prefer working in an office over a sauna, who’d have thunk? Over the course of a year I transitioned from an intern, mainly doing content addition and coffee-making, to my current role of account manager/quality assurance–keeping clients happy and testing our development sites are my specialties!

Outside of the office you’ll either find me at home, cooking way too much food with my roommates or exploring the city, eating way too much food with my roommates. When I’m not blowing my entire paycheck on the finest food Philly has to offer, I’m usually wandering around, taking in the sights and sounds of the city. I like to think that these walks are for clearing my head and just enjoying Philadelphia for what it is, but in reality I’m just my plotting my next route on the path to eating literally everything in the city.