European Privacy (GDPR) & California Privacy (CCPA & CPRA) Regulations
Website Privacy Regulations

Effective May 25th, 2018 any website that receives traffic from the European Union (EU) has to comply to the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) to avoid the risk of large fines ($23,0000+). US companies are not exempt from Europe’s data privacy rules! It is important that all businesses assess the value of their European traffic and determine how to best satisfy the requirement. This generally is achieved by a few strategies: satisfying GDPR requirements as best as reasonably possible and/or restricting website traffic from this region.

Similar to GDPR but most definitely unique, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) seeks to protect any customer who resides in California. Because of this, mechanisms for any website selling to California-residents are needed to assure their rights to privacy are being respected.

GDPR, CCPA & CPRA have complex and nuanced requirements which can be difficult to understand even if you are a data privacy expert. Because of this, although Inverse Paradox provides solutions to support clients in adhering to these compliance regulations, it is advisable to consult an attorney when assessing risk and auditing compliance.

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what We Offer

comprehensive compliance services

These are just a high level summary of the various key strategies Inverse Paradox takes in order to help clients to reach their compliance requirements. The objective of helping a client reach compliance requires a varied scope of consulting to understand the exact nature in which a company uses its data to develop a proper implementation strategy. And to make this matter increasingly complicated, do to some of the ambiguous nature of the regulations described, companies throughout the world are still defining best-practices and advancing technology to support these relatively new policies.

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  • WordPress & WooCommerce

    There are several plugins that when installed helps WordPress-powered websites including WooCommerce & common form plugins (Contact Form 7 & Gravity Forms) easily adhere to GDPR and/or CCPA/CPRA
  • Policies

    Inverse Paradox provides GDPR/CCPA/CPRA-ready boilerplates for Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions and a Cookies Policy along with necessary consulting & customization to make sure the website clearly communicates how a user’s data is used.
  • Cookie Consent Toolbar

    You may have already experienced a notification toolbar on many websites throughout the web that requires a user to agree to the Cookies Policy by using the site. IP provides an easy, turn-key solution for adding this to any site.
  • Form Audits & Updates

    Forms are one of the most critical ways data is collected from users. Making sure those forms clearly communicate how data is collected and appropriately communicates opt-in to any other marketing programs is essential.
  • GDPR & CCPA/CPRA Compliant Vendors

    Inverse Paradox has a long-list of partners that clients use for their various digital marketing efforts and ultimately these vendors collect data. These vendors all are adhering to GDPR & CCPA/CPRA themselves and their own practices need to be accounted for in your websites policies and practices.
  • Minimizing Data Collection

    This may seem like the common-sense approach but seldom do clients audit just how much data they’re collecting to determine what is actually necessary. Not to mention, many off the shelf plugin, extensions, or 3rd party vendors collect more than what’s needed. Minimizing unnecessary collection goes a long way to minimizing risk.
  • Geographic Restriction

    If your European traffic serves no benefit to your business, one way to easily reach GDPR compliance is to block traffic from the EU. This could be in combination with the other strategies. Note that this strategy will most definitely be a short-lived measure. It is foreseeable that data privacy will become increasingly relevant at a global scale.


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