wooCommerce for
Education & Learning

Turn your website into a full fledged educational learning institution where your students can complete course work, progress through a set program track, and come together to achieve their dreams. With WooCommerce for education and learning organizations, you’ll be able to accept down payments, full payments, set up a payment plan, manage subscriptions, and more. Merging these capabilities with your learning management system (LMS), you can grow your school to new levels and improve the learning process while attracting top-performing students.

what We Offer

comprehensive WooCommerce services for Education & Learning institutions

User Experience & Design

We research, design, and build from scratch, so your website and design is tailored to your exact needs and specifications. When working with Inverse Paradox, you will not settle for the borrowed functionality of a theme that only meets part of your requirements.

Professional Project Management

We pair you with a professional project manager to establish a set timeline for your new website build based on your schedule and complete with milestones, check-ins, and regular updates. They will guide you through all phases of the project to ensure a successful launch.

Comprehensive Training

All of our websites include comprehensive training for you and your team so you will have a in-depth working knowledge of your new site. In addition to training, your website admin will feature a library of tutorials that include general functions as well as the custom features that are unique to your build.

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Common features for Education & Learning websites include:


  • Accept deposits via credit cards and digital wallets, set up automatic payments, or issue branded invoices for tuition and other specialized offerings.

E-Learning Solutions

  • Upload and download coursework for set program tracks online with a learning management system that guides students through day-to-day activities.


  • Feature events calendars, open office hours for professors, or meeting times for group work in collaborative environments – complete with minimum and/or maximum requirements.