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John Goerl Lead Developer, Applications Remote Pioneer Pseudo Philosopher Uncredentialed Linguist "Complicated Math"-ematician Lead Developer, Applications

"As a newly full remote employee, I believe my coworkers will
eventually come to view me as a wizard-of-oz-style floating head."

I have always been oddly fascinated with language. Even the traditionally boring stuff like grammar, syntax, and vocabulary I personally find very interesting. I know, nerd alert – but it has served me quite well, especially since I discovered it applies relatively well to programming languages.

When I went to Penn State, I decided to study both Computer Science and Chinese – a little of both worlds. I ended up taking classes in Arabic and American Sign Language as well.

Since graduating, I’ve done a fair share of both traveling and programming. But I am now living in Kalamazoo, Michigan, which I promise you is an actual, real place. As an established full-remote employee, I believe my coworkers have come to view me as a Wizard-of-Oz-style floating head.