Everything from food packaging to hygiene supplies both B2B & B2C

PJP, also known at Penn Jersey Paper, is a Northeast Philadelphia company committed to delivering the best quality in supply chain services. The company provides a wide-range of products, from packaging for grocery stores to janitorial and hygiene supplies. Additionally, PJP provides a number of professional services including commercial kitchen design and various trainings. In addition to their primary B2B operation, they also offer several membership-free stores throughout Philadelphia and a large-scale e-commerce operation making their products accessible to consumers.

Starting with their corporate brand, Inverse Paradox designed and developed PJP’s WordPress-powered website, aiming to communicate their products and services to companies up and down the east coast. Following its successful launch, we quickly moved onto designing and developing their store’s websites and their much larger Magento-powered e-commerce business.

Inverse Paradox designed and built us exactly what we needed to increase online sales and orders. Having a mobile-enabled site with an integrated and intuitive content management system has been a key marketing tool to help us compete for new business. They were always there to answer our questions and Neil collaborated with us to better understand how to best elevate our online presence and create better customer engagement practices. Post-launch, Inverse remained available for adjustments, and major additions, which is definitely a valuable service as our business continues to grow.”

Glenn HarbisonDirector of Digital Marketing & E-commerce, PJP

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