Tiffany’s Bakery

from corner bakery to virtual build-a-cake capabilities

Tiffany’s Bakery is a Center City favorite built on the foundation of fresh ingredients and their signature strawberry shortcake. They offer a wide variety of baked goods and services, from a single sticky bun to a custom-designed wedding cake, to corporate-catered breakfast and dessert trays – all available to order on their website or to purchase in-person at their shop at Jefferson Station.

We assisted Tiffany’s in refreshing their brand by designing and developing their Magento website and creating engaging print pieces – including business cards, brochures, bakery boxes, shopping bags and direct mail pieces. Recently, Tiffany’s underwent a major renovation where we collaborated with them in designing the digital displays in their new location to round out the customer experience from in-store to online.

Print Design

Inverse Paradox has embraced our vision of a virtual store that connects with customers in the same way our bakery does. The site captures the spirit of our bakery right down to the custom build-a-cake capability that sets us apart, putting our traditional products in customers’ hands via today’s technology. They helped us create a unified look and feel on the website and in our branding, giving us an impact we didn’t have before. Working with Melissa and the team is always an exciting and collaborative process, and our business is thriving. How sweet is that!”

Frank and Serena PantazopoulosOwners of Tiffany’s Bakery

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