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As a Magento 2 trained Professional Partner, we deliver scalable eCommerce solutions for brands, retailers and the growing needs of B2B.

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As a verified WooExpert, we can design & build an eCommerce solution to meet your needs leveraging WordPress & WooCommerce.

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As a Shopify partner, we specialize in tailoring to your company's unique needs, products and brand while leveraging Shopify's easy-to-manage platform.

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As a BigCommerce partner, we provide eCommerce solutions that suit your company's needs and leverage BigCommerce's flexible platform.

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What We Offer

Our experts work with you to create a successful store experience


    We research, design and build from scratch, so your website and design is tailored to your exact needs and specifications. When working with Inverse Paradox, you will not settle for the borrowed functionality of a theme that only meets part of your requirements.


    Our developers work closely with our project managers and designers to build out all of the pieces of aesthetic and function that will make your website perform. You’ll be regularly informed of all progress through our process.


    No matter which platform you choose, we can offer a trusted and supported solution for your unique functionality needs, from choosing an existing third-party plugin or extension to developing a custom extension for Magento sites or integrating systems including POS, ERP, and accounting software.


    We can analyze your user data and propose adjustments to increase overall site performance and sales. We’ve successfully built and optimized a number of eCommerce sites on a variety of platforms. Who better to evaluate your site than us?


    All of the sites we build are easily crawlable by search engines, have a friendly URL structure, use 301 redirects where appropriate, and more.


    We create mobile friendly websites that provide an optimal viewing experience on any device, and make checkout a breeze for your users.

full service digital agency


At Inverse Paradox, we are a team of passionate individuals with big-agency talent looking to make a real impact on and off the web for all of our clients. From design and development to launch and beyond, our people use the same processes and technology as some of the largest agencies and companies. Our cornerstone of education pushes everyone on our team to continue to learn and advance with every project, so that we can pass the benefit on to you.

experience in success working with

a variety of solutions from the leading eCommerce platforms



Our team has been creating Magento-powered websites since Magento 1 and has also received training in Magento 2.






We have built dozens of websites using WordPress and the WooCommerce platform and have been named a verified WooExpert by WooCommerce.



Whether you need a basic eCommerce site or have more complex eCommerce needs, we can build you an optimized site using the Shopify platform.



For businesses of all sizes, we can create a website customized to fit your needs using the BigCommerce platform.

support & maintenance

Supporting sites we build

Photo of the Inverse Paradox Office and Support Team

While having an Inverse Paradox website built on WordPress or Magento enables you to make a majority of your own updates, we understand the need to have developers on hand for urgent matters, adding functionality, making quick updates that you do not have the time or staff to do, or testing and installing upgrades to your site’s core, plugins and extensions. We’ve got you covered. Our Technical Solutions Team is our first line of defense in providing you with a quick reply and solution, usually within 24 hours for non-urgent requests.

Our daily support and maintenance tasks include:

  • Diagnostics & Troubleshooting
  • Core, Plugin & Extension Updates
  • Content Management
  • SSL renewals
  • WordPress Training
  • Magento Training
  • Print & Graphic Design Updates & Reorders

Need help or support on your current Inverse Paradox site?

Email or call 215-478-6586 x125

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Just a few of the companies we love to work with

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Our Work

Projects We’re Proud to Show Off

  • Piper Classics

    Piper Classics

  • Luxey Little Ones

    Luxey Little Ones

  • F-Factor


  • Everase


“Inverse Paradox designed and built us exactly what we needed to increase online sales and orders. Having a mobile-enabled site with an integrated and intuitive content management system has been a key marketing tool to help us compete for new business. They were always there to answer our questions and Neil collaborated with us to better understand how to best elevate our online presence and create better customer engagement practices. Post-launch, Inverse remained available for adjustments, and major additions, which is definitely a valuable service as our business continues to grow.”

Glenn Harbison


who we are

MEET OUR TALENTED, DEDICATED AND DYNAMIC leadership team who will fulfill your needs

At Inverse Paradox, we look to make a real impact on and off the web for all of our clients. Combining passion and talent is critical–we push everyone to learn and advance with every project big or small, so the skills we bring to yours will include the latest and greatest our industry has to offer. Combined with the discipline of experienced project managers, this ultimately results in making our clients and our clients’ audiences very happy.

Our Leadership Team

Meet Our Talented, Dedicated and Dynamic Leadership Team Who Will Fulfill Your Needs

  • NeilHarnerFounder & CEO
  • X
    Neil Harner Founder & CEO Professor Harner Bartender Master of Long Emails Founder & CEO

    "So I suppose I'm an entrepreneur, designer, bartender, or any
    other job title you want to give me when I need to fill in the blank."

    How does a business-owner define himself? I can think to say that I focus on growing the shop to be one of the best WordPress and Magento service providers in the area, but before I do, I’ll pour a pint for one of my developers after a long day. So I suppose I’m an entrepreneur, designer, bartender, or any other job title you want to give me when I need to fill in the blank.

    When I’m not working at IP, I’m still working… by teaching future designers and directing the B.S. Animation & Digital Media, B.S. Web Design & Development and M.S. User Experience & Interaction Design programs at Thomas Jefferson University.

    My wife, Lindsay, says I’m addicted to work. She’s right. Because the only way you can get me to stop is by taking me on vacation where the Internet doesn’t work. And somehow she has managed find those places time and time again.

    When I finally make it home, I grab a nice pint of something local and cook dinner for my family. Then I find myself building crazy things out of LEGO with my son, Cael, or having a tea party with my daughter, Noelle. After the kids are in bed, I cozy up on the couch with my dogs and Lindsay, with a mindless TV show playing in the background, and somehow still manage to open a laptop to get ahead for the next day.

  • AliciaEichelmanDirector of Project Management
  • X
    Alicia Eichelman Director of Project Management Office Clown 4-for-4 Philly Sports Fan Dog Mom Beyoncé's Protégé Director of Project Management

    "I want everyone to be my friend, which is what drew me to this
    role initially. I was amazed that I could make a career out of
    talking all day."

    Most people are interviewed by their bosses in order to get a job, but for me it was a bit backwards. As a communications major at Temple University, I had to pick a local event to write about for my journalism class. I opted for a pub crawl called Brews for Boobies, which was started by Neil and Melissa to benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation. I spent the night interviewing them and somehow charming them enough to land an unexpected internship. Almost 8 years later, they are still stuck with me. So is Brews for Boobies–I run the crawl now.

    Being a project manager came naturally for me. I want everyone to be my friend but I also know how to get down to business, which is what drew me to this role initially. I was amazed that I could make a career out of talking all day and keeping clients and our team organized and on track. By collaborating we can crank out some awesome work! When I’m not living in my inbox or my calendar, you can find me crying into a beer over the Eagles (or any other Philly sports team), meandering around the city with friends, hanging out with my dog, Lucy, visiting my family, or daydreaming about my next travel destination.

  • KatieLoughranDirector of Development
  • X
    Katie Loughran Director of Development Travel Addict Belly Dancer Nittany Lion Photographer Director of Development

    "I was always involved in three things: art, creating, and organizing.
    These interests led me to discover my goals and put me on an
    awesome career path."

    Growing up in Scranton (you may know it as home of the TV show The Office), I was always involved in three things: art, creating, and organizing. These interests led me to discover my goals and put me on an awesome career path.

    Even though I started out as a photographer and graphic designer, I always had an interest in HTML and CSS and began doing small websites for friends. Slowly, web design and development became my leading passion and I began working as a web developer!

    At Inverse I help with a variety of web projects. When I’m not working on websites, you can find me belly dancing and performing with my troupe, binge-watching TV shows, practicing yoga, traveling, and hanging out with friends at the bar.

  • SarahHenningerCreative Director
  • X
    Sarah Henninger Creative Director Phone Queen Coffee Brewer Photoshop Instructor Baking Expert Creative Director

    "I found that I wanted to pursue a career
    in 'creating beautiful things.'"

    I’ve always had an eye for looking at things and thinking, “Hmm… something doesn’t look quite right,” which makes perfect sense now that I am a designer! I always want to take everything I see and try (keyword: try) to make it better by messing around with sizes, colors, typography, and any other way I can change it into something new.

    My love for all things design started when I was in middle school and was obsessed with taking every art class possible. In high school, I found that I wanted to pursue a career in “creating beautiful things.” Throughout college I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to “create,” until a happy accident occurred and I ended up at Inverse. Now I get to work with a wide variety of clients, creating beautiful things every day! Design has such a wide variety of options that I never get bored. I’ve designed everything from sitemaps to print materials to websites and there is always something new.

    If you don’t find me at my computer with almost the entire Adobe Creative Suite open, I’m probably in my kitchen experimenting with crazy new cupcake flavors (I think the French toast with bacon flavor wins at our office!) or getting into some kind of shenanigans with my family.

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