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If you’re serious about eCommerce and have a large catalog or advanced integration requirements, Magento 2 is the ideal system for your needs. Built on PHP, Magento 2 is an open-source e-commerce platform offering an extensive feature list, broad customization possibilities, a large developer community, great documentation, and a flexible structure — allowing for limitless capabilities! At Inverse Paradox, we have a team of Magento Certified developers who specialize not only in the custom look and feel of Magento, but understand all of the pieces that make it tick, including custom extension development, API integrations, server optimization, and data management.

For more advanced needs, Magento 2 offers a highly scalable Enterprise Edition which can be tailored to any large transacting digital retailer. Inverse Paradox has worked on both a number of Enterprise and Community edition projects for a wide-range of industries. Magento 2’s open structure supports integration of Open Source content management tools such as WordPress, and integrates with many accounting softwares, ERP systems, and product and customer databases.

Our Magento Certified Team


  • NeilHarnerFounder & CEO
  • X
    Neil Harner Founder & CEO Professor Harner Bartender Master of Long Emails Founder & CEO

    "So I suppose I'm an entrepreneur, designer, bartender, or any
    other job title you want to give me when I need to fill in the blank."

    How does a business-owner define himself? I can think to say that I focus on growing the shop to be one of the best WordPress and Magento service providers in the area, but before I do, I’ll pour a pint for one of my developers after a long day. So I suppose I’m an entrepreneur, designer, bartender, or any other job title you want to give me when I need to fill in the blank.

    When I’m not working at IP, I’m still working… by teaching future designers and directing the B.S. Animation & Digital Media, B.S. Web Design & Development and M.S. User Experience & Interaction Design programs at Thomas Jefferson University.

    My wife, Lindsay, says I’m addicted to work. She’s right. Because the only way you can get me to stop is by taking me on vacation where the Internet doesn’t work. And somehow she has managed find those places time and time again.

    When I finally make it home, I grab a nice pint of something local and cook dinner for my family. Then I find myself building crazy things out of LEGO with my son, Cael, or having a tea party with my daughter, Noelle. After the kids are in bed, I cozy up on the couch with my dogs and Lindsay, with a mindless TV show playing in the background, and somehow still manage to open a laptop to get ahead for the next day.

  • AmandaMitchellLead Developer
  • X
    Amanda Mitchell Lead Developer, Front-End Server Babysitter Thermostat Magician The First Employee Lead Developer, Front-End

    "I was hired as Inverse Paradox’s very first employee, where I was asked to join Neil and Melissa in their "office," in Neil’s mom’s house, in the woods, at the end of a curvy, narrow road, on the edge of a steep hill above the water. Totally not creepy."

    Once upon a high school summer, I was bored and decided to help a friend out with a website by making some fancy data tables in Microsoft Word and exporting them to HTML. That went about as well as you might expect it to. Undeterred, I figured that if I was going to do it I might as well learn to do it properly, and thus my interest in building websites was born.

    Many a nested table later, I set coding aside and went to college for architecture. That turned out to be a lot more interesting in theory than it was in practice, so I decided to give turning my website hobby into a career a go. I was hired as Inverse Paradox’s very first employee, where I was asked to join Neil and Melissa in their “office,” in Neil’s mom’s house, in the woods, at the end of a curvy, narrow road, on the edge of a steep hill above the water. Totally not creepy.

    When at work, you can usually find me working on making Magento sites look spectacular (having been booted off the WordPress train a few years ago). When I’m not at work, I’m likely to be at home reading things (all the things!), or attempting some home improvement project or other (there are still a few paintable surfaces left…).

  • AyrtonWeissdeveloper
  • X
    Ayrton Weiss developer Magento Wizard developer

    "I started to learn about computers as a kid when my father gave me my first PC. Of course, it didn't run the games that I wanted to play, but I was happy with it."

    I grew up in Balneário Camboriú, a beautiful beach city in the south of Santa Catarina – Brazil. I started to learn about computers as a kid when my father gave me my first PC. Of course, it didn’t run the games that I wanted to play, but I was happy with it. By the time I was a teenager, I already had some knowledge about hardware and software, so I started to work in a computer maintenance store. After working at the store, I decided to study Computer Science and am currently working on getting my Bachelor’s degree.

    I started to work developing websites as my first internship in 2012 for a company that specializes in e-commerce sites. This is when I began to learn Magento, Neil found my profile online and I was offered a great opportunity to work for Inverse Paradox. My job responsibilities include building new Magento websites (I specialize in back-end development: installing/customizing extensions, build new functionalities, etc.) and helping to maintain existing sites IP has built.

    When I am not working, I like to ride my bicycle and play competitive games with my friends, such as CS GO and Dota 2.

  • JoshHannanAccount Executive
  • X
    Josh Hannan Account Executive Water Boy Beach bum Mr.Moviefone Let's Go Flyers Account Executive

    "Inverse has always been home to me. Mostly because of the people
    and atmosphere, but also because of the coffee and foosball table."

    Since growing up in Northeast Philadelphia, I’ve always had an affinity for creating things. I developed my first website on Angelfire in the heyday of AOL when I was 13, complete with as many animated GIFs as I could muster and a love for JavaScript alert traps.

    After high school, I went to Temple University and earned a Bachelors in Film. Realizing after the fact that movies actually cost money to develop, I needed a job. So I landed with Anheuser-Busch as a Sales Representative. Although sales was great, it wasn’t for me. After a few years, I needed a change. I went back to school to learn how to make websites. I interned at Inverse in 2011 and was a Web Developer for three years. I left for almost two years to explore the field a bit, but Inverse has always been home to me. Mostly because of the people and atmosphere, but also because of the coffee and foosball table.

    Outside of work, ideally, I’m on a beach with a margarita, camping and hiking, or bouncing around the city finding new watering holes. Oh, and Coale has designated me the water cooler changer, so I’ve got that going for me, which I guess is nice.

What We Offer

Specializing in All Things Magento

  • Consulting

    We’ve successfully integrated Magento with multiple external platforms and optimized existing installations. Who better to evaluate your site than us?

  • Custom Extension Development

    Although there are thousands of extensions available for Magento, your site may need custom functionality to achieve your business goals. Our certified developers have built custom extensions for Magento both large and small.

  • Custom Discovery & Design

    We create a design based off industry research just for you, built from the ground up, with sitemaps, wireframes and high fidelity concepts presented to you.

  • Data Import & Management

    We provide excellent support for fast and accurate Magento data entry to import unlimited products to your online catalog.

  • Development

    Our developers work closely with our project managers and designers to build out all of the pieces of aesthetic and function that will make your website perform. You’ll be regularly informed of all progress through our process.

  • Third-Party Integrations

    We have integrated Magento with a wide range of systems including POS, ERP, and accounting software. We also can integrate with other selling channels such as Amazon and eBay.

  • Mobile optimized (responsive)

    We create mobile friendly websites that provide an optimal viewing experience on any device, and make checkout a breeze for your users.

  • Search Engine Friendly

    All of the sites we build are easily crawlable by search engines, have a friendly URL structure, use 301 redirects where appropriate, and more.

  • Upgrading from Magento 1.X

    Thinking about Magento 2? We have you covered. Not only have we built successful Magento 2 stores; we’re prepared to move your product data, customers, order histories and customizations from your current 1.X system.

  • eCommerce Strategy

    No eCommerce site is complete without an appropriate internet marketing strategy. Inverse Paradox is experienced in driving traffic, retaining customers, and continuously optimizing a site for better sales.

  • Real Help & Support

    Every request from our clients is effectively managed by a system that fosters communication and collaboration.

  • Updates & Security

    We can create an automated schedule to run Magento platform, patch and extension updates for best practice in site security.

support & maintenance

Supporting sites we build

Photo of the Inverse Paradox Office and Support Team

While having an Inverse Paradox website built on WordPress or Magento enables you to make a majority of your own updates, we understand the need to have developers on hand for urgent matters, adding functionality, making quick updates that you do not have the time or staff to do, or testing and installing upgrades to your site’s core, plugins and extensions. We’ve got you covered. Our Technical Solutions Team is our first line of defense in providing you with a quick reply and solution, usually within 24 hours for non-urgent requests.

Our daily support and maintenance tasks include:

  • Diagnostics & Troubleshooting
  • Core, Plugin & Extension Updates
  • Content Management
  • SSL renewals
  • WordPress Training
  • Magento Training
  • Print & Graphic Design Updates & Reorders

Need help or support on your current Inverse Paradox site?

Email or call 215-478-6586 x125

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  • Jofit


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  • Unclaimed Diamonds

    Unclaimed Diamonds

  • The Ski Bum

    The Ski Bum

“Inverse Paradox designed and built us exactly what we needed to increase online sales and orders. Having a mobile-enabled site with an integrated and intuitive content management system has been a key marketing tool to help us compete for new business. They were always there to answer our questions and Neil collaborated with us to better understand how to best elevate our online presence and create better customer engagement practices. Post-launch, Inverse remained available for adjustments, and major additions, which is definitely a valuable service as our business continues to grow.”

Glenn Harbison


who we are


At Inverse Paradox, we look to make a real impact on and off the web for all of our clients. Combining passion and talent is critical–we push everyone to learn and advance with every project big or small, so the skills we bring to yours will include the latest and greatest our industry has to offer. Combined with the discipline of experienced project managers, this ultimately results in making our clients and our clients’ audiences very happy.