Why You Should Have A Separate Google ID for All Marketing Efforts

Your Google ID grants you access to all the apps Google has to offer, from Gmail and Calendar to Drive and YouTube. When looking to use the features of apps like Google Analytics or Maps for your company, it may be tempting to use your own Google ID to access the apps. Even if the Google ID you use is for work and not personal use, there are still risks you run when using an individual’s Google ID rather than a dedicated Google ID for all marketing efforts.

Why’s that? First, using an individual’s Google ID can cause issues if that individual leaves the company for any reason. For example, say that you want to add Google Analytics to your site and enlist the help of Inverse Paradox to accomplish this. If you give us the Google account information for an individual at your company (something like [email protected]) to link to the Analytics account, then the Analytics account can only be accessed using that individual’s login information. If that person leaves the company, access to the Analytics account will be lost or need to be transferred to another Google ID to retain access.

Using a Google ID created specifically for marketing efforts (something like [email protected] or [email protected]) means that the ID will not need to be changed on those accounts. When employees enter or leave the company, you can simply restrict who has access to the Google ID itself by changing the password. This also means that the Google accounts you rely on will be consistent, no guessing as to whose account is linked to what. All the access goes through a single Google ID.

Finally, a separate Google ID for marketing efforts will keep all individuals’ privacy in tact. Like with the Analytics example above, tying one individual’s login to an account means that anyone within the company who wishes to use the account will need to know the individual’s login information and will have access to all of that individual’s personal information stored within their Google ID. Occasionally, you may also need to provide login information for a Google ID to Inverse Paradox or another company you might work with outside your own for the purposes of performing a task. With a designated Google ID, you don’t have to worry about anyone’s personal information also being available to others when that access is given.

How can you create a marketing-specific Google ID? Follow the steps to create a Google Account like you would for an individual, but give it an appropriate username (or use an existing email such as [email protected] if you have it) and assign a password that can be used company-wide. Remember, it’s always recommended to use different passwords across multiple accounts!

Once the new Google Account has been created, replace the ID linked to any Google apps you currently use, such as Maps or Analytics. Make sure you inform anyone who should have access to the apps that the login information has changed. And congratulations — now you’re ready to use your marketing-specific Google ID from here on out!