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Why You Should Have A Separate Google ID for All Marketing Efforts

Your Google ID grants you access to all the apps Google has to offer, from Gmail and Calendar to Drive and YouTube. When looking to use the features of apps like Google Analytics or Maps for your company, it may be tempting to use your own Google ID to access the apps. Even if the… Read More

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5 Tips for a Top-Notch Sitemap

Every business wants to accomplish a couple of basic goals with their website: clearly convey essential information about the business and optimize the visitor’s flow through the site in order to increase conversions. A variety of factors contribute to making a great website that achieves these goals and more, but one of the most overlooked… Read More

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Digital Spring Cleaning Checklist

At the turn of the new year, we gave you five tips for starting a new project — but sometimes, all you need is to is bring out the cloth and polish what you already have to give it a nice new shine! With Spring nearly upon us, why not take some time to revisit… Read More

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Branding Consistency Matters

In this digital age, your website is your most important tool for increasing conversion. Whatever marketing methods you employ (digital, traditional or most likely a mix of both), the first thing your customer will do is search for you online and find their way to your website. When they get there, they should immediately have… Read More

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Five Tips for Starting a New Project

With a fresh new year upon us, it’s the perfect time to start a new project! But before you jump right in, we have a few tips for you to help your projects stay organized and on track. Thoroughly outline the idea Flesh out your vision for the project with as much detail as you… Read More

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Reasons to Update Your Website & Plugins

Your website is a living thing! It’s part of the worldwide web ecosystem that never stops growing and changing. We’ve talked before about how you can keep your website fresh with small updates that can have a big impact. Today, we’re back to discuss another tactic, ensuring your plugins and WordPress version are up to… Read More

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Building a Better Site: Accessibility Tips

We have great news: the majority of our design and development team have been formally trained in the latest web accessibility standards! We’re dedicated to helping you ensure that your website meets current accessibility standards. Web accessibility refers to ensuring that websites utilize assistive technology in order to allow users (both with and without disabilities)… Read More

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Five Simple Ways to Update Your Site Without Starting from Scratch

Your website is like that beautiful plant you forgot to water – it was shiny and new when you first brought it home, but after a few months of neglect, it’s starting to look a little sad.  But you don’t need to trash the whole thing!  There are things you can do to freshen up… Read More

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Treat Your Website Like Your Own Private Island

This article is a writeup of the flash talk that our Director of Sales Matt Cherepanya gave at Social Media Day PHL 2017. A big thank-you to Slice Communications for hosting the event and letting us be a part of it!   You put in a lot of effort to market your company, but it… Read More

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Bulk Up Your (Web) Security with an SSL Certificate

Whether you’re selling goods or services, you want people to feel protected using your website. The safer they feel, the more likely they are to trust your company and make a purchase or take that next step toward working with you. One way to make your site as safe as possible is to obtain an… Read More

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