2011-2021 – 3 at Inverse Paradox Celebrate 10 Years

2021 is a special year for a crew of folks at Inverse Paradox. 3 of the team are celebrating 10 year anniversaries with the company and we’re happy to have them with us and grateful for their continued dedication and contribution to everything Inverse Paradox is. Here’s a little bit about Sarah, Shawn & John along with a few throwback headshots.

Sarah Henninger – Project Manager

Sarah started with Inverse Paradox as an intern while still a student at Philadelphia University in the Interactive Design & Media program. Under the guidance of the company’s founding partner, Melissa Cherepanya, Sarah quickly rose to become an incredible designer. She worked her way up eventually becoming the company’s Creative Director. Recently she pivoted to a project management role because she wanted to be more closely connected to the strategies and outcomes of projects and challenge herself by learning more about the underlying technologies Inverse Paradox utilizes. Her combination of design-savvy, incredible communication and organization skills makes her the perfect client-partner.

Shawn Hogan – Developer

Shawn joined Inverse Paradox as a the company’s third full-time developer having previous experience in mixed IT and development roles. Although a quiet guy, Shawn quickly demonstrated his depth of understanding for front-end development and contributed greatly to Inverse Paradox’s advancing development standards. Currently he works on more robust applications in WordPress and WooCommerce including developing custom plugins. He works closely with the Inverse Paradox project management team in collaborating directly with clients to assure they have a quality and robust final product. One of his favorite gags is showing up in stand up meetings wearing a Jason Vorhees mask on every Friday the 13th.

John Goerl – Developer

John was hired at Inverse Paradox soon after his graduation from Penn State’s Computer Science program. From day one, John showed an incredible depth of knowledge and passion for development along with organization and confidence of a seasoned professional. In 10 years, he has grown to be one of the best problem-solvers on the team and provides guidance to all those around him. Currently he focuses mostly on complex integrations utilizing 3rd party APIs and working with large datasets on migration projects. Much like Shawn, he works closely with the project managers and clients to assure the solution he architects meets the overall scope and business requirements.