2022 Hourly Rates

We have done our best over the years to maintain consistent pricing without adjusting our rates while increasing our value and quality we deliver to our clients. This is something we’ve prided ourselves in as it’s been over 5 years since our last hourly price adjustment.

Like many businesses, there have been many challenges because of the pandemic. We’ve done our best to overcome these obstacles and have delayed making changes to our hourly services. This all said, with the new year, we now must make minor adjustments to our rates to make sure we’re able to continue providing an increased standard of support to your business.

The following rates are classified by the type of website or the service requested:

WordPress, Design, VIUS, Other$ 130/hr
WordPress + WooCommerce$ 145/hr
Magento$ 165/hr
Non-Profit WordPress$ 115/hr
Emergency Response (outside M-F, 8-6pm EST)$ 200/hr
Non-Profit WP + Woo or WP + App$ 130/hr
WordPress + App (LMS, UGC, API Apps)$ 145/hr
Shopify, BigCommerce, Slatwall$ 130/hr
Discovery or Audits$ 130/hr

In addition, we are adding discounting to better support our clients with more significant needs:

  • Any estimate or retainer of 50 hours or more is subject to a 5% discount on the hourly rate.
  • Any estimate or retainer of 100 hours or more is subject to a 7% discount on the hourly rate.

Finally, any pre-existing Preventative Maintenance Agreement (PMA), quoted or active estimate-based project, scope of work or retainer will continue to be honored as-is.

Adjusted rates will be reflected in invoices for support services beginning in February for January services and any newly issued estimates in 2022.