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April, 2013

WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache Plugin Security Vulnerability

A security vulnerability in two commonly used WordPress plugins, WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache, has come to our attention. Anyone with these plugins, even if inactive, needs to update them immediately in order to protect themselves from attack. This security breach allows for remote command execution of PHP commands through the comment section of… Read More

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More on Responsive Design

Philly Tech Week (PTW) is a week-long series of events all about technology progression within Philly. Everyone at Inverse Paradox has been checking out the exciting events PTW has to offer. I decided to attend an event called “Living Responsively: Creating Websites That Work Across Devices,” presented by Jim Keller. His talk was about why… Read More

Design & Development

Inverse Paradox – The Early Years – 2002-2004

I was digging through the pit that is my office cabinet and came across an old portfolio of mine. I probably haven’t looked at it in about 3 years or so, since the last time I stumbled across it looking for some other more relevant random item. Ultimately, I end up sitting down with the… Read More

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In defense of Magento

This post is a response to this email, which was written by Igor Soshkin, co-founder of Shopping Cart Elite, a closed source eCommerce system. What does a local mom & pop bakery and an international auto parts manufacturer have in common? Not much at all really, unless you subscribe to Igor Soshkin’s one-size-fits-all sales pitch in favor of… Read More

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What Is Responsive Design?

You might have heard that your website needs responsive design to function effectively in our current mobile-based culture. But what does that really mean? Responsive design is a way to make a single site that works across an array of devices, including desktops, tablets, laptops and smartphones; providing a smooth, visually appealing format for all… Read More

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DDoS Attacks

Some of you many have heard of the WordPress DDoS attacks, so we wanted to shed some light on the issue. It is important to note that Inverse Paradox has taken every precaution and security measure to protect your website from this attack. That being said, we wanted to educate our clients to keep you… Read More

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New Faces, New Digs, New Site, Same Dedication!

A lot has happened here at IP in the last year. As many of our clients know, we moved from Feasterville to Penndel where we renovated an old bank (vault and drive-thru are still in-tact!).  This new space reflects our desire for a more open culture for us to collaborate, learn and grow together. Coupled… Read More

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