May, 2013

17th Annual Webby Awards

The Webby Awards have been announced! For those of you who are unaware, the Webby Awards honor those who are excellent on the Internet .The Webby Awards were started in 1996, when the web was still learning to crawl, and has grown ever since. The awards are presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and… Read More

News & Events

CERN: Twenty Years and Counting

I’m a nerd when it comes to technology news stories. Whether it’s a technology ethics debate or some new toy coming out, I tend to geek out a little bit. I can’t help it. So a couple weeks ago, when I saw this article, it really made me think. The article is all about the… Read More

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Get Engaged!

One of the features on our site that we always seem to receive questions about is our live chat. While visiting our site, you will not only see an amazing looking website containing an abundance of knowledge and a stunning portfolio, but you will also notice a small box appearing in the lower right side… Read More

Design & Development

John's Windows WordPress Theme Development Workflow (now with SASS!)

Every developer here at Inverse Paradox has his or her own methodology, style, and tool-set when building a new WordPress theme. The following is one man’s attempt at streamlining the workflow with the goal of minimizing the often tedious procedures that are necessary to take a project from design file to fully formed WordPress theme.… Read More

Design & Development