June, 2017

Work Day Essentials #14 – Bobby

Everyone has something they reach for to help them stay productive through the day. Today we have Bobby, our Quality Assurance Coordinator, sharing the items he keeps close by to make the work day go smoothly. Here’s what Bobby had to say about his essential items: — Hot Sauces — I put hot sauce on… Read More

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Work Day Essentials #13 – John

Everyone needs something to get through the day. Today, we have John, one of our developers, sharing his Work Day Essentials – the items he deems necessary for a productive work day. And John gave us some exclusive insight into his picks: — Baby Carrots — Nice, light snack that is easy, healthy, and tasty. Plus,… Read More

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ICYMI: Mobile Traffic Is Taking Down Desktop – What You Need To Know

The rising use of mobile over the past decade has pushed responsive web design into standard practice, making most websites easily compatible with a variety of devices. In fact, if you’re reading this, you probably already have a responsive site! In the US, desktop usage still reigns overall at about 52% (StatCounter). That gap is… Read More

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Work Day Essentials #12 – Sarah

We all have something we can reach for during the day to help us get the job done. This week, our Creative Director Sarah shares with us her Work Day Essentials — the items she needs for a productive work day. Here’s what Sarah had to say about her favorite things: — Beats Wireless Headphones — Wireless… Read More

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Work Day Essentials #11 – Meng

On a cool late-spring day, sometimes all you want to do is take it easy. But there’s still work to be done! Today, we’re sharing what Meng, one of our developers, says are her Work Day Essentials – all the items she needs for a productive work day. And here’s what Meng told us about her picks:… Read More

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