July, 2017

Work Day Essentials #18 – Neil

Everyone needs something to get through the day. In our final round of this series, our Director of Business Development Neil shares his Work Day Essentials, a list of must-have items for a productive work day. And here’s what Neil had to say about his picks: — Muscle Milk & Cups of Coffee — My morning… Read More

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Work Day Essentials #17 – Alicia

When the summer sun is peeking through your windows, sometimes it’s hard to focus on the tasks at hand. That’s when you reach for those indispensable items to keep you productive the whole day long. This week, project manager Alicia is here to share all the goods that keep her pumped and ready for what the day… Read More

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Work Day Essentials #16 – Matt

We all have something we can reach for during the day to help us get the job done. This week, our Director of Sales Matt shares with us his Work Day Essentials — the items he needs for a productive work day. And here’s what Matt told us about his items: — Phone — As the Director… Read More

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Five Simple Ways to Update Your Site Without Starting from Scratch

Your website is like that beautiful plant you forgot to water – it was shiny and new when you first brought it home, but after a few months of neglect, it’s starting to look a little sad.  But you don’t need to trash the whole thing!  There are things you can do to freshen up… Read More

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Work Day Essentials #15 – Brian

We all have something to help us persevere through a busy day. This week we have Brian, one of our developers, sharing his Work Day Essentials – the items that he uses to stay productive. And Brian gave us some insight into his picks: — Mechanical Gaming Keyboard — The clickity clack of the physical… Read More

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IP’s #SMDayPHL 2017 Recap

On Thursday June 29th, Slice Communications and Comcast hosted the Social Media Day conference in Philadelphia! Established in 2010 by digital media company Mashable, Social Media Day is an annual, worldwide celebration and exploration of all that social media is and all that it can be. Photo courtesy of Slice Communications As a sponsor of… Read More

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Treat Your Website Like Your Own Private Island

This article is a writeup of the flash talk that our Director of Sales Matt Cherepanya gave at Social Media Day PHL 2017. A big thank-you to Slice Communications for hosting the event and letting us be a part of it!   You put in a lot of effort to market your company, but it… Read More

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