November, 2008

Free Design

I am about to step into a room with a large group of Pennsylvania’s finest business teachers. I am presenting a workshop called “Free Design” This presentation takes a brief look at the various Open Source alternatives to commercial design software as well as many of the free web-based resources I use everyday. Hopefully, this… Read More

Design & Development

Radio & Social Networks

It’s amazing how powerful, and dynamic advertising has become in the past 20 years… Inverse Paradox was recently on the Preston & Steve Show which was broadcasted live on free radio at 93.3 WMMR in Philadelphia. We were on the air because we recently put up a website,, selling shirts in honor of Chase… Read More

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Nick from the Preston & Steve Show Loves IP

Nick from the Preston & Steve Show Loves Inverse Paradox.  Or maybe it was the hat we gave him when we stopped by the studio…  Our hats rock. httpv://

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The Importance of Branding

Many of the businesses we’ve worked with tend to lack in the branding aspect of their companies. Whether it’s a logo typeset in times new roman, a company name that doesn’t fit with what they have to offer, or an inconsistency in advertising, the look and feel of these companies and brands get lost or… Read More

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World Phucking Champions

On October 31, 2008, Chase Utley, Second Baseman for the Philadelphia Phillies, said one of the most memorable quotes in sports history regarding his team’s 2008 World Series Win. “World Fucking Champions!” Well said sir. No apologies needed! To commemorate this occasion, I have designed a limited edition series of t-shirts in honor of the… Read More

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