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by on July 30, 2009

Just like the previous blog article, “Who is Really Handling Your Work,” you need to ask yourself the same question about in-house and larger firms that manage all of your creative needs, like web design and graphic design. Boutique companies have many advantages that are often overlooked and bypassed when perspective larger companies are looming on the horizon.

The truth is both bigger corporate companies and in-house designers can be largely restricted when it comes to creative bounds, often resorting to already used template designs and recycled graphics. Not only are boutique’s more flexible with design changes, but because you are often working directly with the owner or head designer, there is more room for outside the box, innovative thinking. Designs don’t need to pass through numerous sets of hands, and you don’t have to deal with corporate cookie cutter thinking which can often stifle creativity and originality.

The “fame” that people seek out in corporate businesses can sometimes even backfire in their face. These well known, big budget companies can take the project and vision you originally had and turn it into whatever they want using their name to their advantage. While smaller companies are very eager for the work and are therefore more personally interested and connected to your brand, in turn creating websites and designs that are an involved and passionate reflection of your identity. Even in-house companies are just an extension of the larger company and can create lackluster designs that show no dedication or understanding of your brand.

As mentioned, not only are boutique’s more flexible with designs and changes, but they can also be more efficient. Turnaround time is much faster, largely because of working directly with the head of the company and not having to jump through endless corporate hoops. Also, smaller companies are more accessible over more hours, so the process can move much faster. The longevity of your website or graphic work is extended when working with a boutique too, since the owner that you’ve been working with isn’t looking to fire himself anytime soon.

Your product is the focal point of everything, not just the money you’re handing over in exchange for the service. Since boutiques are smaller, relationships within the company are usually based more on mutual respect and familiarity, which leads to a more single focused goal and a better work environment.

Of course, last but not least is the most priceless advantage yet- personal involvement and face time. Boutique’s are much more hands on, and able to meet on a frequent basis which provides for better communication and overall production. Boutique’s are available where you need them, whenever you need them, which leads to overall satisfaction in your product.

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