Designer’s Block: Three steps to break through the wall

by on March 22, 2010

It happens to us all. A lot of the time it happens at the moments you need your creativity the most. What do you do when designer’s block corners you? Here are a few brief steps to breaking the wall and getting your creativity back!

First, you must relax. Try not to become too frustrated because becoming frustrated will only lead to tiny panic attacks which will make it harder for you to break the wall. This is when you should get up and take a short walk or maybe update your Facebook status mentioning how annoyed you are and if you’re lucky, you might get some positive feedback, or maybe a picture of a LOLcat to make you at least smile.

Second, after your heart rate slows down and you are less annoyed, try looking through some design books laying around or surfing the web for inspiration. All you need at this point is a little fire under your butt, and maybe a coffee or Redbull. Make sure you have your design program open and just play around with ideas. Sketching ideas down on paper is also a big help. It won’t be long until your strength starts to build. All you need is one little element or grid to play off of.

Third, once you’ve got an idea, even if it’s small, take it and get ready to fight back! Ideas happen like a chain reaction, once you have one idea you have at least one more, and eventually you have an army. This is when your strength will begin to build and your creativity will vastly start to smash down that wall. Before you know it you’ll be glued to your seat obsessing over fonts and colors and you probably won’t even notice the wall has vanished until you are done your project.

So next time Designer’s block attacks, remember, victory does not have to be too far away.

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