What Open Source CMS Means for Your Business

by on June 30, 2011

Our Philadelphia web design company is constantly stressing the importance of Open Source content management systems. Where custom developed content management systems from an agency can leave you stifled both creatively and functionally, the Open Source content management systems we provide at Inverse Paradox allows you to control, update, upgrade and utilize all features of your website for a better user experience; which for you, translates into dollars.

The advancement of Open Source content management systems, WordPress in particular, has been exponential over the years. What was once thought of as a blogging system is now powering some of the most popular, not to mention larger sites out there; many sites you and your clients probably frequent, including eBay, The New York Times, Best Buy and thousands more.

So, what can WordPress and Open Source content management systems do for your business that a custom, in-house content management system can’t? Well for starters, it is going to offer you higher quality, as it is constantly being improved upon for better usability and functionality. This allows your site to be as flexible as your business and able to be updated and upgraded at the drop of a dime. WordPress is also a search engine’s best friend; being indexed more frequently than custom developed systems. Not to mention, you will be utilizing an Open Source platform that millions of websites are powered on, as opposed to just a handful of clients. If you are looking for strength in numbers, at the beginning of 2010 there were over 202 million websites powered by WordPress, along with 14% of the top 1 million biggest websites using this Open Source platform as well.

If you are interested in learning more about the advantages and upgrades to your WordPress website, or to receive a quote, contact our Philadelphia web design firm today; you won’t be disappointed in the incredible features our team and Open Source content management systems can provide you.

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