Blogging & Your ROI

by on July 29, 2011

We are sure that by now you have heard countless times the importance of blogging. You many have ignored it, installed a blog but never touched it, or have “recent” posts sitting there from 2008. But just how important is blogging for your business? It turns out that it is in fact crucial to your ROI. Thanks to crowdSPRING & blogger Chris Knipper, we stumbled across this great article breaking down what really happens to a website’s leads and ROI when blogging ceases for a period of time.

In short, your ROI can decrease dramatically when you stop blogging. Between the two companies they studied (who had very similar sales and profits) Company 1, who blogged for 6 months on and then 6 months off, had an ROI of 12%, versus Company 2 who consecutively blogged for 12 months with an ROI of 75%. Company 1 initially saw a 600% increase in website traffic (from 100 weekly visitors to 600) when their blogging efforts began, and then felt the blow of decreased traffic by 400 weekly visitors once their blogging stopped; resulting in a loss of almost $21,500 for the company. Check out the full breakdown and charts here.

Blogging is a highly cost effective way to advertise your company without breaking the bank. When more of your advertising efforts can be focused on blogs, you are able to spend less on print advertising, direct mailings and other pricey advertising alternatives. If you find blogging to be intimidating or you struggle when it comes to generating content and topics, we can help! With each and every site our Philadelphia web design company produces, we make sure to install blogging functions and train you on updating your blog. We can even help you with subject matter and tips to make sure you are utilizing your blog to its full potential. We will even directly link it to all of your social media so that when you publish a new blog, it automatically updates you Facebook, Twitter and more! Give us a call, 215-478-6586.

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