Security, Security, Security

by on August 12, 2011

We harp on it a lot, but we can’t stress enough the importance of keeping your site secure. And, with the rumbles of hacking we have been hearing about across the web, it is more important than ever to keep your site up to date with the latest security features. This informative article relates back to a previous blog topic we wrote about which is WordPress, in particular, WordPress security. It should be stated that WordPress powered websites are very secure when you properly update your files and plugins. Security is comprised when things are outdated, this is also true for getting viruses on your computer when your browser and security software isn’t updated regularly. Our Philadelphia web design company has been hearing a lot about sites hacked and it is not just because of the host, the server or the website itself, but because updates are not being properly maintained.

So, if you have a WordPress powered site, there are plugins and tips that Web Design News claim are essential to tighter WordPress security. While some of these are more obvious (pick a strong password and unique user ID, limit the amount of users, etc.) this is a easy to understand list of plugins you may not have heard of that can keep your site protected from hackers. Also, one of the best things about WordPress is its immense user base and community backing, so if you see a bug or notice a security vulnerability- report it!

If you have further questions about WordPress security or would like more information, check out some tips at Web Design News or contact our Philadelphia web design company today!

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