Attention Small Businesses!

by on October 10, 2011

Oh, infograrphics! They are fun, eye-catching, and actually keep you interested in statistics for more than five seconds. We recently came across this fun and informative small business and social media infographic from crowdSPRING and wanted to share it with some of our clients.

The point has been hit home a million times, “Social media is good, social media can grow your business, social media is FREE – use it.” But, until you see verified results, it can be difficult to dive in head first to the social media realm. And, while it is free, it can be time consuming, especially if you are unsure of how to leverage it. And, how are other small businesses leveraging it? Why does it work for them? Well, cS breaks it down for you in their nifty infographic. Check it out here.

Highlights of small business & social media facts & figures include:

-Almost ½ of small businesses have successfully connected with new customers through social networks. Conversely….only 36% of medium sized businesses and only 28% of larger companies have been successful.

-Gary Vaynerchuck, a social media fanatic, spent 12 hours a day engaging with online marketers, taking his father’s small New Jersey liquor store from $4 million to $50 million in earnings through social media alone.

-51% of Facebook users and 64% of Twitter users are more likely to buy the brands they follow or are a fan of.

The rest of the results and accomplishments illustrated in the infographic continue to portray endless possibilities for small business growth via social media. So, how is your company leveraging Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.? If you are not taking advantage of social media progression, or are unsure how the social media landscape could benefit your boutique business, get in touch with our Philadelphia web design company today. We’ll help you with the ins-and-outs to propel your business to the next level.

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