You've Got Spam!

by on June 14, 2012

Your website should be designed to generate leads for your company and one of the best ways to do that is a contact form representing a consistent call to action on your site. A downside of contact forms is the influx of spam you may receive on any given day. And we all know spam is annoying, inconvenient and seemingly pointless.

Our clients are often asking us how to rid their inbox of these pesky emails. Unfortunately, the one way to fight spam may also alleviate legitimate leads; which is why we would recommend against it.

CAPTCHA forms (the distorted words, letters or numbers that you need to type in on some sites to verify that you are actually a human) are one way to significantly decrease your spam. BUT if you are anything like 98% of the population, these forms make you want to launch your keyboard through a wall. And that is where the downside is, people hate these forms and you deter people from filling out your contact form and getting in touch by adding CAPTCHAs.

So we have to ask, what’s worse, bulk deleting email every now and then, or missing out on potential customers?

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