Is Your Password on the “Worst Passwords” List?

by on October 31, 2012

The annual “Worst Passwords” list has come out and though we have shared similar lists in years past, we felt compelled to share it with you again. While some “good” ol’ standbys are still on this list (password, 123456, abc123), there are some new and interesting, albeit NOT safe, passwords that have joined the ranks as well. These include ‘Jesus,’ ‘welcome,’ and ‘ninja.’

The cat is out of the bag now folks, your new passwords are no good and we urge you to change them. Hackers still prefer to work smarter, not harder, and tend to go for the easy targets first. Take a look at this list and the extensive list we posted back in ’09 and if your passwords are listed, it may be a good time to change. In that same vein, make sure you take a look at this blog article we wrote up as well. Hackers aren’t just utilizing these lazy passwords, but they are using your social media profiles and sensitive information you may unknowingly post to gain access to your precious accounts (pet’s name, maiden name, birthday). Having to retrieve a tougher to remember password is much less of a headache than being hacked or even worse, someone stealing your identity or sensitive business information. It may take just a little more effort but it can be well worth it- better to be safe than sorry as they say!

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