Imagine eCommerce Conference and Magento Certification

by on March 1, 2013

This April, Matt, Ryan and Amanda will be going to the Imagine eCommerce Conference with 1500 other merchants, partners, and developers from around the world. There will be keynotes from industry experts, breakout sessions on important technical and business topics, on-site training and developer certification. John Donahoe, CEO of Ebay, and Steven Levitt, author of Freakanomics, will be speaking at the conference.

This conference focuses on Magento, a rising star in the e-commerce world, among other things. This application is used by 150,000 different sites, from smaller websites to large, multinational businesses, and continues to grow in popularity. It has versatile web and e-commerce platforms, allowing for very customizable display options, multi-store and multi-site functionality, transaction options, mobile templates and more, bringing a better shopping experience to customers.

Ryan and Amanda are testing to become Magento certified, allowing us to better serve our clients using this product. Magento Certified Developers can work more easily with the application, skillfully using all the business processes and making design decisions on a code level. We’re really excited to be bringing these new skills to our clients.

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