Inverse Paradox – The Early Years – 2002-2004

by on April 25, 2013

I was digging through the pit that is my office cabinet and came across an old portfolio of mine. I probably haven’t looked at it in about 3 years or so, since the last time I stumbled across it looking for some other more relevant random item. Ultimately, I end up sitting down with the portfolio for about an hour just reminiscing of the old times and appreciate how far Inverse Paradox has come. Then I usually walk about the office sharing the “old” with everyone so that they can share in this feeling. And naturally, I end up completely forgetting about why I was digging in the cabinet in the first place.

So, in the spirit of sharing, since I no longer have digital copies of most of these sites, I decided to snap off a few select pics of some poor print-outs with the iPhone so that you can check out some of the earliest work of IP from 2002-2004, when I was still an independent and freelance designer just leaving high school and entering college. Amazingly, some of the work would still hold up today, nearly 10 years later!


Being involved in the Electronic Arts program at Neshaminy, I had the opportunity to redesign the high school’s website. At the time it was all Flash with lots of moving parts.

The Playwickian


The school newspaper needed a new website to bring their publication online. Again, I was approached to help expand the school’s online presence. At the time, the school’s newspaper website was better than many of the local newspapers.

Warminster Basketball Association


I knew nothing about basketball and I still don’t. But I was approached by a gentleman who recognized my talents and asked if I would help out this tiny organization in giving them an online site. This was one of my first commercial sites.

Meal And A Movie


The same gentleman that had me produce the basketball site hooked me up with movie critic, Bill Wine and a local chef, Ed McTague to create a site that would promote getting a nice gourmet meal delivered at home with a movie and bottle of wine. Think of it as a fancy, high-end Netflix before Netflix was around. The concept ultimately never took off but it was a great experience. I can’t believe it’s still on the internet.

American Overhead Door & Dock


For another early commercial project, I was hired to produce a new site for American Overhead Door & Dock. It was my high school sweetheart’s uncle who owned the business so naturally, who better was he going to use? Even today, the site has many of the same aesthetic styles the same as when the site went up in 2004.

Inverse Paradox


Although there were a few prior iterations of the IP site, this was one from the 2003-2004 era that spent a good amount of time on the web. My buddy, Mike Begley (now a graphic designer for the Philadelphia Flyers) and I created this site so that we could show off our work and try to build a business. Ultimately, in college, I took a break prior to getting deep into a serious freelance and professional career, and before approaching the idea of starting a true agency with Melissa.

So, that’s just a small selection of the early work. Perhaps in the near future, I’ll share some 2004-2007 which includes some of Melissa’s early work and our early collaborations before starting this company that grew into our twelve person team.

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