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by on May 9, 2013

One of the features on our site that we always seem to receive questions about is our live chat. While visiting our site, you will not only see an amazing looking website containing an abundance of knowledge and a stunning portfolio, but you will also notice a small box appearing in the lower right side of your screen that says, “Hi, thank you for checking out Inverse Paradox. Can I help you in any way?” That is our live chat. It allows you to talk to a real person instantly and get answers to any questions that you may have. Neat!

But how does it work? Who is actually talking to you? Do you need to respond?

Live chat is a extremely useful feature that puts clients and customers in contact with real people at the company. Here at Inverse Paradox, our live chat is managed by our project managers. That means when you use our live chat you will either be talking to Alicia or Sarah Whiteman (That’s me!). We are here to help you and do our best to answer any questions that you may have. Don’t need assistance? Not a problem, you don’t need to respond to the live chat; simply close the chat box and you can navigate through our site on your own. Prefer a phone call? Click on the call me button and you will be connected to our office.

Considering getting live chat for your own site? You should! It is a great feature to have on your site, especially for those of you who have items to sell or have customers who frequently need assistance. This feature can help improve customer satisfaction by addressing customer issues immediately. It can help increase your sales by allowing you to be proactive. Just like in a retail store when an employee asks if you need assistance, you can talk to the customer directly and answer any questions they may have, helping the customer to make up their mind and get you the sale!

Not only is this feature beneficial to your clients and to your company, but it is affordable and easy to install as well. There are many different live chat options available, here at Inverse we use SnapEngage. Once you decide what software you are going to use and purchase the package that works best for you and your company, you will receive a code for your website. Simply send that code to us and one of our trusty programmers will put it on your site. Just like that, you’re ready to start chatting!

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