June, 2013

How to Respond to Negative Comments on Social Media

By now, you’ve probably heard about Amy’s Baking Company, the wreck of a restaurant featured on the popular Gordon Ramsey show, Kitchen Nightmares. Their infamy spread as they began to abuse and berate people who left poor reviews on their Yelp and Facebook pages, cursing and threatening the whole lot. Obviously, this is a very extreme case.… Read More

Tips & Tricks

Is Your Website Twitter Feed Broken?

Just throwing a note out there to all of our customers.  Twitter’s original API has been retired and they have moved on to a new version of their API.  This will cause a lot of Twitter feeds on websites to stop displaying on many websites. You can read more about the issue here. If you want… Read More

News & Events

Magento Hacks – Prohibit the sale of specific products from select countries.

Every so often, a unique request comes to my desk. Today it was to prohibit the sale of a specific designer from countries known for knock-offs. To accomplish this we must first find out if any restricted products exist in the cart, then catch the address used during the checkout process and determine if the… Read More

Design & Development

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words, and a Few Extra Bucks

Why it’s a good idea to hire a photographer when updating your website. On a daily basis I am searching high and low on my list of affordable stock photography websites looking for the “it” image for one of my customers’ designs. After about an hour of sifting through a few hundred thousand images and… Read More

Design & Development

What I've Learned at Inverse Paradox: A Farewell

Today is my last day as a communications intern with the company. For the last four months, I’ve been making the trek to Langhorne from Philly three days out of the week and spending 8 hours working alongside some really cool people who are passionate about their jobs. In these past months, I’ve learned a… Read More

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