Inverse Paradox Swag

by on December 18, 2013

Inverse Paradox has new swag!

Check out our new awesome t-shirts and hoodies modeled by our development team and Neil— don’t they look stylish?! These fabulous wearables were a fun side-project, created by our extraordinary design crew.

Our dinosaur design is printed on gray or red vintage t-shirts and blatantly announces, “Your website is a tyrannosaurus wreck! Check out Inverse Paradox”.

The witty cat hoodie really stands out in its bright neon colors and kitty peeking out of the pouch, demanding that you should “GET YOUR WEBSITE RIGHT MEOW”.

…So what are you waiting for?! Check us out (our web skills, that is) and let’s get started on that new website you’ve been meaning to launch!



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