That Website is Still Up?!

by on May 5, 2014

The other week,  Neil sent out an email to let everyone know that this ancient website is actually still up. Anybody remember this? This absolutely stunning website, which celebrates the relationship of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in this late 90’s classic by Nora Ephron, lets you download screensavers and desktop patterns!

After wandering around the interwebs, I came up with a list of classic websites from the 90s that I never thought would still be up:
Students around the globe are happy to see that CNN still hasn’t taken down the main page from the 1996 trial of O. J. Simpson! They can not only learn more about the most publicized criminal trial in American history, but also about the fine arts of 1995 web design.

I also stumbled over this beauty,
“ is so named because our company is Technical Advisors COmpany. We do not sell tacos. We do not make tacos. In fact some of us do not even like them very much.”
Where were you beloved, Google?
Space Jam never needs an introduction.
This might not be the original site, but nevertheless, my absolute favorite! I remember the good old days, sneaking into the computer lab and loading this page on every single computer!

We can’t be the only ones to stumble across some gems; if you have some flashback sites to share, let us know!

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