A Day in the Life of an Intern at Inverse Paradox

by on July 8, 2014

As a student in the Interactive Design & Media program at Philadelphia University, being offered an internship at a web design and development company was a very exciting opportunity for me. I was eager to see what the work environment was like, the different personality types of my co-workers and whether or not I’d enjoy doing web-design for the rest of my life.  As an intern, I figured it was safe to assume that my role in this company was to simply perform mundane tasks: making sure a pot of coffee is brewed in the morning, taking out the trash and counting mason jars full of jelly beans. (Luckily, I was able to eat the jelly beans while counting, which expedited the process a bit.) But in all actuality, being an intern at Inverse Paradox is so much more. Not only do I walk in everyday feeling like a valuable asset to the design team and company as a whole, I’m also greeted by my co-workers, often with a discussion of last night’s hockey game. I play a key role in the design of websites and print materials, as well as provide quality assurance for these products. My opinions and suggestions matter in the design process, which make my presence here feel valued and appreciated.

I’ve compiled a short list of actions that future IP interns can do to ensure being well-liked at this company:

  • Replace the toilet paper roll if you finish it. If you don’t, they may call you out on it, which can be pretty embarrassing.
  • If you’re making a revision to an existing file, make sure to always save it as a new file. To be safe, don’t overwrite anything.
  • Get used to the file naming conventions people use here. It makes sense to them, and with a little effort, it’ll make sense to you too. Don’t try and change how they organize their files, just get used to it.
  • Be sure to keep your email inbox viewable at all times. Emails will come to you often, so make sure you stay on top of them.
  • If you dirty up any kitchenware, wash it when you’re finished. Nothing is worse than reaching for a clean fork and finding that they’re all dirty in the sink.
  • Participate in walks to Dunkin’ or the pizza place, they’re opportunities for some solid bonding outside of the workplace.
  • When you’re finished using the bathroom, make sure you leave the door cracked open. If it’s closed, no one can tell if anyone is using it. It makes them angry, trust me.
  • Understand that there is a time to joke around and a time to be serious. Everyone here has a great sense of humor, but know that it can’t always be social hour.

Interning at Inverse Paradox has been at great experience so far. I’ve learned a lot about how a business runs, how key roles are imperative for a company to operate smoothly and how to brew a good pot of coffee. I greatly enjoy waking up and making the commute to work every day. Time flies here at Inverse Paradox, mostly because I enjoy what I do, but also because I get to converse with some awesome people on a daily basis.

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