September, 2014

Should Everyone Learn a Little Code?

I graduated college with an English degree, so it seems to constantly surprise people when I tell them I work as a web developer. I get it, I do. My major typically funnels people into teaching, publishing, and journalism careers, so I strayed a little far from the norm. I initially learned HTML and CSS… Read More

Design & Development

Magento Order Processing: Editing & Creating Orders

This is part 5 of a 5 part series on Order and Payment Processing in Magento. There is actually no such thing as editing orders in Magento. When you click the “Edit” button, a new order is created and the original order is canceled. The “new” order will contain all the billing and shipping address… Read More

Tips & Tricks

Brews For the Cause!

For the past (almost) 6 years, I’ve had the privilege of helping to organize our company’s annual pub crawl, Brews for Boobies,  to raise awareness for breast cancer. The concept is simple: we break up into crawls all around Philadelphia and bar hop to raise awareness and money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. I’ve… Read More

Around the Office News & Events

Is Designing Above the Fold Dead?

One of the criticisms we hear most from clients when they review their website design for the first time is that something important is not above the fold. This begins the debate of whether or not designing for above the fold is dead. Let’s start at the beginning with ‘what the fold’ is; the fold… Read More

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