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April, 2017

Work Day Essentials #5 – Clare

When the pace picks up, the basics always have your back. Today we have Clare, one of our Project Managers, sharing her Work Day Essentials — the things that help her stay focused all day long.   Here’s what Clare told us about her items: — Thermal Coffee Mug — Coffee is essential, and this… Read More

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Bulk Up Your (Web) Security with an SSL Certificate

Whether you’re selling goods or services, you want people to feel protected using your website. The safer they feel, the more likely they are to trust your company and make a purchase or take that next step toward working with you. One way to make your site as safe as possible is to obtain an… Read More

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Work Day Essentials #4 – Amanda

Everyone needs something to get through the day and chilly Spring days are no exception. This week we have Amanda, one of our developers, sharing her Work Day Essentials – a list of must-have items for a productive work day. Here’s what Amanda has to say about her picks: — Blanket — Because it’s freezing… Read More

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Easy Photography Tips & Tricks To Enhance Your Website’s Images

Photography can strengthen the design of your website, but if done improperly it can also depreciate the design. Here are easy steps you can take to make sure that you get the best images possible without the help of a professional photographer. First, let’s start with two basic principles: image quality and cropping. These are… Read More

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Work Day Essentials #3 – Melissa

Everyone needs something they can reach for throughout the day to stay productive – especially on beautiful, sunny days like this one!  This week, our Director of Operations Melissa describes the items she always keeps at her desk to help her get the job done. And here’s what Melissa has to say about these goodies:… Read More

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Keep Your Business Safe By Keeping Your Team’s Email Addresses Off Your Website

Our friends over at Total Technology Resources recently posted a short article about why businesses should keep their team’s email addresses off of their website and we thought you should know. It might seem like a great idea to have your email address listed plainly on your website for your current or potential customers to… Read More

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Work Day Essentials #2 – Shawn

We all have something to get us through the day, whether it’s a certain snack, favorite app, or that third cup of coffee (don’t worry, we won’t judge). Today, we’re sharing what Shawn, one of our developers, says are his Work Day Essentials – all the items he needs for a productive work day.  … Read More

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