Keep Your Business Safe By Keeping Your Team’s Email Addresses Off Your Website

by on April 10, 2017

Our friends over at Total Technology Resources recently posted a short article about why businesses should keep their team’s email addresses off of their website and we thought you should know.

It might seem like a great idea to have your email address listed plainly on your website for your current or potential customers to reach you. Unfortunately, though, the easier it is for your customers to find the email address, the easier it is for people with hostile intentions to find it. This can include marketers or spambots who flood your inbox with annoying and useless emails, but it also includes more harmful hackers who might run a scam using your email address. 

From Total Technology Resources: “For example, if your email is, one can assume that your partner Jack Doe’s email is Hackers can easily buy web domains similar to yours (ex. and attempt to have money or confidential information sent to them without anyone from your company ever noticing. It’s easy to miss a fraudulent email coming through when the structure is so similar to that of your own.” 

What about hiding the address in a link? Even if it’s less visible to the people looking at your web page, a “mailto” link as it’s known won’t save your email. The address will still exist in your site’s code and remains easily accessible to spambots and hackers.

Instead, you could create a non-specific email address like to protect your email structure while still offering an address to your customers. Otherwise, adding a contact form to your website will let customers communicate with you directly without revealing your email address. Contact forms can be customized so that you can give customers the option to pick who the email should be sent to without leaving you and your employees or coworkers vulnerable.

Every second that your email address remains exposed on your website is another chance for someone to come along and steal your information. It’s essential that you follow these tips and make an immediate effort to remove your team’s email addresses entirely from your website. We want you and your business to stay secure, so please get in touch with us for help!

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