Work Day Essentials #10 – Ayrton

by on May 30, 2017

Everyone needs something to get through the day. Today we have Ayrton, one of our developers, sharing his Work Day Essentials – a list of must-have items for a productive work day.

And here’s what Ayrton told us about his picks:

Coffee — Like most developers, coffee is my fuel to stay focused all day.

Computer with Good Amount of RAM and SSD HD — It is good to have good equipment, that helps to open many different programs at the same time and keep everything running faster, certainly one thing that improves my performance.

Mechanical Keyboard — I have a Razer Blackwidow Keyboard. It can be noisy, but it’s something I would certainly miss if I did not have it.

Music — Helps me to stay relaxed during the work time and also helps me to stay focused isolating other sounds around my work area.

Good Office Chair — I have a good ergonomic chair that helps keeps me comfortable during the work time, prevent back pain and other issues during the long journey.

Thanks for sharing, Ayrton!

Tune in next week for another peek at our team’s Work Day Essentials.

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