Work Day Essentials #8 – Terrell

by on May 16, 2017

We all have something we can reach for throughout the day to stay productive. This week, project manager Terrell is here to share all the goods that keep him pumped and ready for what the day brings.


Terrell gave us a glimpse into how these essentials work for him:

Captain America Civil War Kleenex Box – Because you never know when you will need a hero to save you from a stuffy nose.

Sony Headphones – When you’re staring down an inbox full of emails from clients and a lot of updates, it’s easy to allow all of the notifications to get you off track. I use music as a means to block out all of the surrounding distractions and focus on my priorities.

Cellphone – A PM’s best friend / worst enemy as it means that I’m almost always connected (can’t check my phone if I’m asleep, right?). I can respond to emails, update project notes, keep in touch with my team, etc, whether on the go or in the office when I am not in front of my laptop.

Small Notepad and Pen – Sometimes it’s just better to handwrite notes vs. typing them out on a keyboard.

USB Cord – For when you need to charge your phone but don’t have any available outlets to do so. It’s a lifesaver!

A Positive Attitude – As a PM, I’ve learned that you have to wear a lot of hats — many of them at the same time(Psychologist, Note-Taker, Leader, Accountant, Teacher, Salesman, etc). Continuing to stay positive in the ever changing landscape is key for me to stay grounded and learn how to roll with the punches.

Thanks for sharing, Terrell!

Tune in next week for another peek at our team’s Work Day Essentials.

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