Five Simple Ways to Update Your Site Without Starting from Scratch

by on July 6, 2017

Your website is like that beautiful plant you forgot to water – it was shiny and new when you first brought it home, but after a few months of neglect, it’s starting to look a little sad.  But you don’t need to trash the whole thing!  There are things you can do to freshen up your site without having to toss it and start from scratch.


Freshen Up Images & Graphics

One of the easiest ways to rejuvenate your website is to freshen up the images & graphics!  

  • Swap out the old images on your website with new ones
  • Set up a photoshoot to get new shots of your office space and team
  • Update your social media icons
  • Change out your site’s custom icons or thumbnails for a set with an updated style
  • Consult a designer about updating the fonts on your site


Content Update

Why stop at images? Make sure ALL of your content is still accurate and reflects the tone you want to convey! This is a simple, inexpensive update that your team should be making regularly.

  • Add new client testimonials or case studies to your existing list
  • Update any stats or numbers to reflect the latest successes of your business
  • If you have a blog, but don’t have the resources to update often, remove the dates from your posts so that the content doesn’t age as quickly
  • Review your site’s analytics to open new avenues of content creation — What are your customers reading the most? Where are their interests on your site? Which pages are they entering from?
  • Remember to structure any content you add in way that tells a story


Logo Refresh

Your logo is just one part of your company’s branding, but it’s a piece that can impact the look of your site. If it’s time for a change, there are different levels to updating your logo:

  • Simple – Choose a new font or change the colors in your existing logo
  • Intermediate – Update colors and fonts as well as graphic elements
  • Full Redesign – Go all out with a brand new logo! You can always include elements that nod to your previous design


Microinteractions – Add or Change What’s There

Microinteractions are those small ways in which a user interacts with your site – an effect when you hover over an image or a link, an animation of your logo when the page loads.  These supplement your base design, and updating or adding can create a fresh feeling for your site.

  • Animation after clicking a button or icon
  • Navigation effects within the hover state and dropdown menu
  • Lazy load effect — make content appear as the user scrolls down the page
  • Add small videos or gifs throughout copy or in banner areas
  • Use playful language to lead your user through a process, while they are waiting for something to load, or when something goes wrong (like a 404 Error page)
  • Check out this site for more examples of microinteractions:


Homepage Redesign

Your homepage is commonly a user’s first impression of your company! Make sure your homepage feels fresh, and has up-to-date information to showcase — that blog post from February? Last tweet from 4 weeks ago? Sure, there were great intentions back when your website launched to keep these things present, but if you’re finding you don’t have the resources to dedicate to those updates, perhaps changing up some of those elements would be better to take care of now.

  • Total Homepage Redesign — Updating just this page alone (while keeping it consistent with the rest of your design) can give a different feel to your site overall
  • Minor Homepage Layout Changes — Keep the navigation items, header, footer and same basic elements, but rethink the layout and add new details
  • Expand the Homepage — Scrolling isn’t a bad thing! If you have information hidden in a rotating banner, take that out and display it on the page
  • Remove website elements from the spotlight of your homepage — outdated blog, social media widgets, old banner graphics, expired promotions or past events
  • Add new homepage elements that highlight other areas of your website or business


So what are you waiting for? Get in touch and we’ll work together to find the best ways for your company to refresh your site.


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