IP’s #SMDayPHL 2017 Recap

by on July 3, 2017

On Thursday June 29th, Slice Communications and Comcast hosted the Social Media Day conference in Philadelphia! Established in 2010 by digital media company Mashable, Social Media Day is an annual, worldwide celebration and exploration of all that social media is and all that it can be.

The crowd at Social Media Day PHL 2017

Photo courtesy of Slice Communications

As a sponsor of the Philadelphia event, we sent some of our IP team to represent and to experience the day for ourselves! From Reebok and Mashable to Twitter and Bitly, we got to hear all of the inside tips from experts on how businesses can best cultivate and leverage their social media presence. We’d like to share some of what we learned with you:


Reach for more than likes


Some of the best advice we heard all day came from Reebok’s Social Media Marketing Leader Ben Blakesley in the conference’s opening talk. We’ve all been guilty of posting something on social media just to get likes, but what good are those likes on their own? No good, according to Blakesley, especially when the content has little or nothing to do with your brand. Instead, aim to build relationships through social media. If it doesn’t help you make real connections and create conversations with your followers, don’t post it.



Different platforms for different kinds of content


Mashable’s very own MJ Franklin and Twitter’s Marketing Lead Sean Lauer also joined the fun, both touching on how various social media platforms are viewed by users. Facebook and Snapchat are more private channels than Twitter and Instagram – but Facebook and Twitter users seek to discover new things, while Snapchat and Instagram users browse to relax. Cross-posting on multiple channels can be useful, but only if the content fits the tone of each platform – tweak if necessary!




A human approach will always win


In the afternoon, Michael Leis from Digitas Health LifeBrands explained that the key to making viral content, content that your followers and their followers alike will want to share, is to approach it from a “person-to-person” perspective, not “brand-to-person.” Content should put into words something the user hadn’t been able to express themselves. That allows for the user to communicate the message to their followers, who in turn will spread it to their followers and so on!




A link between worlds


Everything came full circle as keynote speaker and Bitly CEO Mark Josephson wrapped up the day, reminding us again that success on social media is not just about likes – but it can be about links. Links are what bring users through the Internet, the connection “between every step of the customer journey,” which means they hold a wealth of data and wield an incredible amount of power for drawing in your customers. Notably, Josephson mentioned that branded links receive 34% more clicks than non-branded ones! He also urged us to remember that “customers are not just on social” – wherever else they may be coming from, whatever else they may be doing, consider how you can direct users through links.




* * *

But that’s not all that happened at Social Media Day! Our very own Director of Sales Matt Cherepanya gave a flash talk, “Treat Your Website Like Your Own Private Island,” which we’ve published on its own – check it out!

Finally, we want to give a big shoutout and thank-you to Slice Communications for hosting this awesome event, letting us be a part and learn a lot of cool things from a lot of cool people. Can’t wait for next year!



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